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Originally Posted by kaesrel View Post
I looked for this deck on and found two entries, one for $23.70 and another $35.66. The cards in the $35 one seem to have borders while the one for $23 doesn't. Is there a reason for this difference or are they just using a different photo? And also, are there any other differences between these two?
Riccardo from Lo Scarabeo answered this question awhile ago for some other deck. The advertising materials are often completed and sent out to vendors like Amazon before final decisions have been made. There was one deck that had 3 different colored borders depending on where you saw it, but actually only had blue borders IIRC.

If there are two different ISBNs, then I would guess the difference in price is because one is from Llewellyn (the North American distributor) and one is directly from Lo Scarabeo (the publisher).
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