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OKAY NOW...I'm back...

...I just spent all day on ONE card! LOL...Ha Ha...

ETA 9/17: I just remembered that I only spent 1/2 day on the final card (see at bottom)...
I actually did TWO CHARIOT cards...the first one was with black horses...didn't like the final result
so I deleted it and started it only took 1/2 day for final Chariot card.

I started with the Chariot because I wanted to see if I could do this...and if you will look
at the image links below, you will see how I WAS a lot of work but I love it!

I hope the border is okay, which I made leaf by leaf!...and I found a little 'three hump' heart
to hold my AT id and copyright year.

Please be on the kind side ... and remember everyone's taste is different!

I can hardly wait to start on the next one...unfortunately tomorrow I am visiting Gladys, the person this deck is for
and I am teaching her how to use her new graphic program. I am not going to let her see these cards until Xmas.
I hope they are done by then eeekkk I do think it will go somewhat faster now because I have
made up THE 'template' with border, copyright heart, etc... I can just plop in the photos, crop, cut stuff out, paste stuff in, re-color-, resize, and be the 'perfectionist' that I am...LOL

Gladys told me she wanted the bears to be doing things I will try to make 'some of them' do things, if I can! eeekkk

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