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...posting my second card, (the 3 of Cups)...finished I hope...although I tried to add clothing to them
...I decided that they looked better being just bears! LOL They were wearing belly dancing outfits earlier!!! Ha ha...
...I think this regular 'fur' look is the best for this deck!

Oh, and it took some time to find the 'just right' chalice for the cups suit...and to make it
transparent and usable for the rest of the cups cards. I still need to find a good sword and wand.
I already made a good coin. So much more work to do...2 down and 76 to go...LOL

Oh, the reason I am having to add stuff to the tops and bottoms of some of these is because
the photo would be too distorted if stretched to the larger size I am using (300 x 500).
I am making the cards that large for those that want large cards, and if anyone wants them
to be smaller, they can just resize them smaller. I have found that there is less distortion if you
start with a large card and make it smaller rather than try to make a smaller card larger.

Maybe tomorrow I can make 'two more' cards, because today I was gone most of the day
and was only able to do this one card.

PHOTO : is the finished 3 of Cups card...I think it will work alright for the 3 of Cups.

ETA: I just noticed that the bottom scroll ribbon (with the card title) looks kind of blurred...
I will have to redo that...tomorrow is another day! Off to sleep now...(I hope )
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