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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
Thanks! I really wasn't sure what people would think of him, he is a different portrayal thats for sure. But it seemed to fit; he has the four elemental objects at his disposal on his magic table, and is uniting the macro with the micro. Sounds weird but I totally had a vision of him at the last full moon one month ago. Was trying to sleep and ideas for The Fool, The Magus, The Empress and The Lovers just sort of downloaded.

I have the pencil sketch for The Priestess done now. Just have to make time to ink and color her.
He is a Hermes of this day in age-The Hermes of 2012.

I mean tons of people have done rennisance tarot decks, marsellies and rws clones--or ones from the victorian era in style of or with the esoteric symbolism that came back ''in'' at that time in history hence decks like Crowley-Thoth, Magical Golden Dawn, and your last one Rosetta...(all the decks I listed there I adore and own)-much love to Thoth decks!

But I like this deck not only cool because it is different but also because it works!---usually when people do take a totally different appoach (to a RWS or Thoth system it dosen't usually work as well, and your deck does! I can tell you put your heart into your artwork.

-will keep checking this thread-you got me hooked to! When it comes out I most likely will get a copy, Rosetta started it all though
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