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I could volunteer as Technical Maven. Setting up a template, helping people translate that into pixels/inches/mm/fingerswidths, providing a high-quality color scanner, and so forth... If the group decides on typesetting card titles (as opposed to having each artist incorporate the title into his/her card), I can adjust the template for that and choose a font. Ditto for borders if the group decides to incorporate them. I can also provide adjusted sizes and percent reductions for those who would like to work larger than 100%.

Any interest in having such a resource?

ETA: I would like to vote for 2-3/4" x 4-3/4" as Tarotbear suggested above--but there's more to it than that! If we go borderless, everyone will need to design for a card that's actually slightly larger than that. If bordered, we should probably set a consistent border width and the actual art area will be smaller.

I would also like to suggest a little artist's release, to the effect that the artist retains copyright but allows use of their image in printed decks. I strongly feel that those who want a physical deck should be allowed to get one that has all 78 cards!
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