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There is a polish and a realism to her (Queen's) face that goes beyond the others of Ciro's wonderful decks. She has a greater dimension - less archetypal and I am engaged by her. I am facing a warrior Queen - a mythical figure in flesh and bone.... Boudicca...

I, too, can see the general look to be similar to the other decks as a few pointed out already - and I look forward to the developments. But - she reaches inside with that gaze.... I can't wait for the full story!

Ciro - I have to disagree with some of the others on certain specifics - just to offer another point of view. Too many more details on the Queen would take away from the mystery for me and distract from her face and her eyes - not add to it. I would hate to go too far and lose the focus. If detail were to be added to the background - I would personally want the chroma and value shifted down in order not to compete with those compelling eyes. I don't see the background now - don't need to - I want to get to know her better. There is that "old masters" technique of deep shadow so that the focus is clearly bathed in the light - an no matter how much detail is in the periphery, it does not endanger the focus and lose the 'myth'.

I also think to put the chin out (as Voron suggested) would make her defiant. She is not - she doesn't need to be and I want to know why.... what does she know? It's in her eyes.....

Brilliant! I don't know if I made any sense! I really hope I can afford this one.....
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