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Originally Posted by Bat Chicken
Too many more details on the Queen would take away from the mystery for me and distract from her face and her eyes - not add to it. I would hate to go too far and lose the focus.
All you comments were valid and made perfect sense. How best to treat the Pages Queens and Kings is what I struggle with most. Unlike other characters in the deck whose stories can be better told along with other artifacts, costumes or the general action of the scene, I try and capture the essence of these particular Royals more by their personalities as portrayed by their facial expressions. This of course is even more subjective (as if we didn't have enough of that already in tarot) but anyway getting the right balance is a dilemma, and they will probably end up being the last cards I finish. This particluar Queen being the exception, but only because as I said I saw her at Wiccan festival and immediately imagined her as a Queen.
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