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In responce to the possible price, its way too early to give actual numbers, but I plan to produce two versions. I am very into special editions , and certainly see this as a very very limited edition, similar to the one I did of the Gilded. If all goes to plan each deck will be be a one of a kind. The title card will be signed, numbered and include a personal message or dedication of your choice, which will be hand written. Each card will be trimmed, cornered and collated by hand. There won't be a interactive CD as in the Tarot of Dreams, but there will be a reader software that will be downloadable, and yes, a 'real' book, approximatly 10x10 inches probably leather bound. Once again I plan to print each copy myself, and each will be personalized for its owner. In addition to the text, the book will include several signed giclée prints attached loosly to various inside pages, of scenes (buildings and landscapes) of the companion world from where the images of the cards will be inspired. This process will be extremely labour intensive and I don't expect to sell that many, but I enjoy the craftsmanship approach that will go behind it. This version will obviously be geared to collectors.
However I don't see the whole project as being done simply for an exclusive few. If the final set of images appeals to wider audience (always a roll of the dice with you picky lot :-) I'd certainly like to make it more available, so before assuming its therefore not for you, I also plan to produce a standard non customised version with softcover book, for a price thats more in keeping with other published decks. (less than the ToD). This version would probably be available about six months later. But all this is way in the future... lots of work to do meanwhile.
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