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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
I think this must be pursued strategically. If you decide to stop collecting cold turkey, then the withdrawal symptoms might get worse, and it might even be counter-productive. I suggest something like limiting myself to only 12 deck purchases next year. Yep, one for each month of the year, much better than the one every three days which is what Ive gone through since mid-September till the end of last year. Baby steps, right? I've already filled up slots 1 to 8, so I still have 4 more slots for 2016. Only thing is, I think all those 8 decks will get here before February ends . . .

I guess 16 decks is more realistic?
I must admit cold turkey did not last long for me, and having Christmas to buy for others was a good time. However, now that that has passed, my control has waned again. Including a Kickstarter which won't be in til later this year. I've bought three. Nine decks left seems like a great number.

Good idea!
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