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A woman stands by a stream mingling water from two goblets as she pours it into the running water. She doesn't have wings but her beauty and the gracefulness of her gestures is more than human.

The water in the two goblets is being mingled, tempered. Different parts of the self (or the situation) being brought together, balanced, made whole.

One of her feet is on land representing the solidity of everyday life, going to work, cooking dinner; and the other is in the water representing spiritual experiences, transcendant emotions. However if you look very closely the foot that is more in the water is actually dry and the foot that is more on land has water on it. This shows that the spiritual and material realms are not separate.

In the sky there is half a sun showing and the rest is hidden behind a cloud. It may seem obvious but this always reminds me that in life some things will be positive and some things will be negative. It is a good idea not to let negative circumstances throw you off balance.

As in the Waite/Smith deck the irises are a reminder of Iris, the rainbow messenger of the Gods. So it is saying that the connection with divinity is always there and perhaps this work of mingling the spiritual and the material and seeing the spiritual side of everyday life is part of how you experience this connection.

The symbol on her necklace is a sun glyph inside a square. The sun represents the self, but in this case it seems to be the higher self. It is inside a square that represents matter. This is similar to the circle inside a square on the wheel of fortune card and again shows spirit infusing and mingling with matter. The higher self inhabiting us.

I also get a sense of purification because of the running water and the way she is looking away from what she is pouring out. Is the tree on the right side of the card a eucalyptus tree? If so that would reinforce the idea of purification and cleansing as eucalyptus is used this way in both herbal medicine and folk magic.

I find Temperance hard to interpret in readings. The concept that it stands for is pretty abstract and it is hard to really understand it or pull something practical out of it. Practical meanings could include: combining two aspects of a situation or two points of view; seeing situation from more spiritual or holistic angle; purification; trying to find the good in a situation that looks all bad; maintaining your balance and your connection with divinity; acting from your higher self; tempering (moderating) your behavior; seeing the other person's point of view.


PS, I'm reading other peoples posts on the cards after I journal them as that seems to work better. Tink27 I love your ideas about the meanings of the heron and irises. Lovely interpretations!
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