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Idyll's Horary using the additional significators

The story so far The question was whether Idyll and M would enter a relationship by around mid April. The chart cast shows interest on the part of Idyll but no connections between the two significators Moon (Idyll) and Saturn (M) That is pointing to the conclusion that the interest will not be translated into reality. A clarification has shown that this relationship is romantic, rather than simply amicable, so two additional significators can be used...Venus for the female (Idyll) and the Sun for the male (M......So let's see whether the situation has changed.

Looking at Venus first, she is placed in Aries, her Detriment but she does have dignity by Terms, from 6 degrees to 14 degrees Aries. So her score is -3 and she is not peregrine. I'd interpret the weak essential dignity here as an indication that Idyll is vulnerable or feels vulnerable by showing her interest, risking the chance of failure. Venus is placed in the tenth - a strong placement, she is also direct and free from the Sun's beams, she is also conjunct the Part of Fortune (luck may be with her). Venus is making no aspect to Saturn, though as Saturn is in Libra and ruled by Venus, we could infer that M has some interest in Idyll. Sadly there's no connection between Venus and Saturn by antisicia or by translation of light or collection of light.

That leaves us the Sun. The Sun in Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and in his Detriment. The Sun is on the cusp of the ninth, the house of Dreams, prophecy and long distance travel. It's possible that this indicates that the question is based on dreams, but dreams here are clearly linked to prophecy. At 24 degrees Aquarius the Sun is in an applying trine to Saturn but sadly Saturn is also a significator of M, not Idyll. So is there any aspect to Venus or the Moon. In Aries, Venus will not form a major aspect to the Sun, nor are they in antiscial signs, nor is there any chance of translation or collection of light.

However, we also have to consider any aspects between Sun and Moon. Moon in Libra is in square to the Sun by sign. The angular separation is 12 degrees, rather wide but the Moon will apply to the Sun and the Sun will be the next planet the Moon aspects.

A few posts back we had a discussion about perfection through squares and oppositions. Lilly requires the significators to apply out of good houses (the ninth and the fith are not bad but are hardly the best houses, still they do have positive accidental dignity. (=3 and +2) but Liily also requires the planets to be in dignity in the degree in which they are placed. both Sun and Moon have negative essential dignity. So whilst perfection is possible it will only be with difficulty and probably won't work out.

I don't want to be too pessimistic but if you do get together it won't be easy let's just hope that Lilly is wrong.
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