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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Yes you have correctly identified the significators

You are correct for Saturn

The Moon in Sagittarius is Peregrine . It has no dignity at all. The Sign ruler is Jupiter, there's no planet in exaltation, the triplicity ruler is the Sun (it's a day chart) and the Terms are Mars and the Face is Saturn (all at the Moon's location). So the Moon has -5 points

However your conclusion is correct, you are the weaker party here - you're not sure of your way forward.
You are correct. I am very confused right now. What was kind of interesting about this being that the Moon is in Sagittarius, is that in my natal chart my moon is also in Sagittarius, and his Sun is in Sagittarius in his natal.

Saturn in the fourth is angular, he's in the best position to initiate anything, if he chooses. As Saturn is Retrograde, he's almost literally looking the other way.

The Moon in the sixth is indeed badly placed, the sixth is a cadent house and, it makes no major aspect to the Ascendant - it's out of the way and not easily seen.

Conclusion, at the moment you aren't sufficiently on his mind for him to act.
Me not being on his mind doesn't surprise me at all. He was the one that broke up with me because he decided he wanted to move to another state to go find himself. But I don't think he actually went anywhere. I saw him driving his car a couple weeks ago. So I don't think the moving is going as planned.

Yes there is an applying sextile between the Moon and Saturn and if perfected that would indeed suggest that you two reunite in the time period. However, the bad news is that before the Moon can sextile Saturn, it will sextile the Sun at 27 Aquarius.

In anything but a question on romance and relationships that would be an end to the matter. However, as it is about romantic relationship we have to consider two secondary sigificators. Venus for you, and the Sun for him. Now I don't need to even look at Venus because in that last paragraph I identified a close applying aspect between Sun and Moon. This actually means that your conclusion is correct.
Ok, I didn't know about the secondary signifactors. Do these only apply in questions about romantic relationships?

Does he have mood swings or have two distinct sides to his character? It's almost as if one side of him doesn't want to know at all and the other side steps in and over-rules that attitude.

Anyway the outlook appears to be quite good, though he will be the one who is most likely to get things going.

Here is the link to the chart.
He does seem to have mood swings, and yes I did see a completely different side to his personality during the break up. It seemed totally out of character.
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