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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
so, how much does it cost from DTC then? Even gamecrafters charge seems great!
tnx!^^ I did try to set it on minimal just to see how people like DTC?! lolz )
if you click on one of those *free you'll see there are 3options listed and you want one with *Cards so it's 8$?) and then you'll probably want *Add to cart with deckbox(it's one of those 1$ clear plastic click box

so here is direct link for textless version;

and with English names on cards;

so it's basically not big price difference?

Note that GameCrafter cards are linen but there is no box as whole idea was *Ancient decks come without box!^^ and that fact alone make it more *mysterious!^^ lolz )

and DTC are with that Premium Card stock they say is best?)
but I'm not sure about their shipping costs?x,x somehow I always get that flat 3$ shipping!x,x what make DTC my no.1 fav place for printing my artzy test decks!^^
(not sure is that just for my part of the world or because I'm publisher?x,x

but when I try to send it to Belgium it was 14$shipping!x,x so if you are in US be sure to add this to your basket and then select your country to see your shipping and post us here if it's any better than GC?!^^ lolz )
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