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Originally Posted by BeyondtheVeil View Post
Okay.. sounds good. That way I can give all of my love to the new coming Chakra Lenormand! It needs it's mama right now lol

Luxury Golden Edition sounds awesome also! lol I can't wait!!

lolz let's think how to make it better! )

Originally Posted by BeyondtheVeil View Post
I don't know Gamecrafter. I will have to look that up. It sounds like you have had a great experience there. Now I have to figure out what it is. lol

I have had an Etsy account so that I could support actual people since before I even joined AT. I have bought a lot of things on there that probably wouldn't have been sold anywhere else. I love that you have choices as your deck should be available everywhere!

I love that Etsy lets regular artists post their creations there and they are made and help real people. I've had positive experiences there. I have used this same lady to buy all of my tarot bags from. I think she has moved on to costumes and other things, but I appreciated the gorgeous bags she made.

Now I am finding that pretty waterproof Make Up Bags are working perfectly for them! I will have to find someone to make lenormand bags for me though. I like having them have their own little comfy homes. lol

Hugs to you! I think you are doing great!
yeah! TheGameCrafter is my fav POD=Print on Demand service, they make/print and sell and ship all sort of games and decks for selfpublished hobby artist like me!) and you can find some great decks there, same as etsy just type Lenormand or Tarot or Oracle in search bar! here is link

we have something similar to etsy on local level but not nearly interesting!)
still like to have place to showcase!^^ and pick great ideas!^^ lolz )

oh! I got most of my bags from ebay!) also Gamecrafter got those recently
also this clear tuckboxs looks interesting

but fact is anything works! I know some people use socks or sleeve to make beautiful bags!^^ lolz )
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