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Waites Fourth Order

Some other rituals in Waite's Fourth Order are titled as follows (I note the numbering is different from yours Abrac);
The Fourth Order of the Rosy Cross: World of the Supernals:

Part I: The Ceremony of Reception in the Portal of the Fourth Order being the Fourth Portal Grade

Part II; The Further Side of the Portal which is 0=0 In Supernis, Sive in Nihilo et Nusquam Ex Dono Dei Magni et hoc est AEterna (long ritual)

Part III; The Ceremony of Enthroning a Keeper of the Sacred Mystery

Part IV: The Ritual of Descent in Light

Part V; The Pontifical Ceremony of Celebrating the Festival of the Winter Solstice. (very long ritual, in several parts)

It should be noted that while the rituals for the Third Order are largely the same, qua ritual, as the Ishtar publications, nevertheless the latter lack a great deal of rubric and introductory lead-in to the ritual itself.
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