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Casting a chart with Morinus

Originally Posted by inanna_tarot View Post
Brilliant walk through Minderwiz - downloaded Morinus and set it up as you advised
Great here's how to set up a chart, using your Horary chart
Here’s how to set up a chart in Morinus:

If you have the default chart open in Morinus, then click on ‘Horoscope’ and go to the ‘close’ option and click it. This will take you back to the opening screen.

Otherwise, open Morinus by clicking on either your shortcut or the program icon in your Morinus directory.

From the opening screen click on ‘Horoscope’ and then click ‘New’

This takes you to the data entry screen. The first box is ‘Name’ For a Natal chart you can enter the person’s name. For a Horary or other Chart enter a name that can be remembered. I’ll use Inanna_tarot’s chart from her thread

In the Name box enter ‘Inanna Horary’

For Gender click on ‘Female’ in the ‘Type’ drop down box, select ‘Horary’

For the date enter

2012 for year, 1 for month and 15 for day.

Enter 7 for Hour and leave the minutes and seconds as zeros

The chart was cast for Shrewsbury , UK and the co-ordinates are:

Longitude 002 degrees 45 minutes West
Latitude 52 degrees 43 minutes North

(make sure you have changed the default Longiture setting from East to West.)

Leave the defaults as ‘Gregorian’ (calendar) and Zone (time system) and under the GMT+ box make sure the hour is 0 and the minute as 0. There is no daylight saving in place in Winter so don’t enter anything here. That completes the essential data entry.

Click OK to get the chart

If you wish you can save the location to the list of places for which Morinus has the geographical coordinates. Clicking on ‘Place’ brings up the database and you can enter the same information as above, click ‘add’ and then OK. For Inanna ths would save having to enter the information each time she casts a chart for Shrewsbury.

For your own work you will need to know your own longitude and latitude, time zone offset from GMT and remember to check the daylight savings radio button if daylight saving is in force.

To save your chart go to ‘Horoscope’ and click ‘save’. If you wish you can save the chart diagram by clicking ‘Save as bitmap’

To see the details of the chart click on ‘Tables’ and select ‘Positions’ This will give you a list of planetary positions plus the ASC. MC and the intermediate house cusps.
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