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Golden Tarot -- The Moon

A huge full moon hangs in the night sky. Half of it is taken up by a strong but feminine face. The eyes look Egyptian to me. She gazes down at the world below, a dreamy look on her face. She sees what's going on, but she doesn't seem overly concerned. She seems to understand the effect she has on the world below and take it in stride.

Two pillars with mythical creatures on top stand outside a rocky hill on which some trees are growing. Inside, there's a lot going on. At the top of the hill is a stag, below is a rabbit who seems to be escaping a dog, who seems somewhat frightened, as his tail is down between his legs. There is also a fawn or deer in the grass.

A lobster and a crab are at the bottom of the card, outside the gates. The fears we keep hidden during the day have become visible in the moon's light. We can no longer pretend that they don't exist. We need to look at them and understand their power over our conscious, daytime minds.
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