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I am not familiar with the FRC deck, but by just looking at the RWS Lovers card, the two people seem standing far apart in remote position (too far away to be able to hold each others hand) separated by the mountainous image (obstacles?) in between. They don't look intimate or close or even are interested in each other. However, they seem as if, are destined to be unified or on the way of unification by intermediation of the middle figure, who looks like some type of divine / spiritual / angelic being calling them / inducing them to unite.

The trees at the back of each individuals seem suggest they also make use of their intellects / feelings to choose their unification, hence their astrological correspondence with Gemini.

Questions still remain to be answered such as - can soul be divided into natural state and higher part or Christ nature? Did Waite actually classify soul into different types?

And his observation "unveiled before each" = how does that entail their unification? needs more explanation.
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