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Step Four

Druidcraft Tarot - The Fferyllt

1 & 2.) Once upon a time a wise priestess stood before the ancient cauldron. She heard the voice of her Goddess whisper in her mind, "It's time." Slowly she took up the ladle gathering the perfect amount of the blood red liquid into the vial. A gentle breeze caught her attention and out her open door she smiled as the rainbow grew across the sky, a divine blessing indeed! Holding the small bowl in her hand she steadied her heart as she began to pour the sacred liquid. Her eyes widened and her heart thudded in her heart like a thunderous drum, It's working! she thought excitedly.
Again the soft whisper of the mother shifted through her overjoyed mind, "Did you doubt our formula my dear?"
The elixir mixed and settled as a small otherworldly mist rose from her creation. "I don't doubt it now my Goddess."
A familiar chuckle echoed in her ears, "For all your gift my child you still don't know how to believe in yourself. See the magic you have created, taste its sweetness."
She did as instructed, bringing the potion to her lips and drinking down the warm, thick liquid. She felt the magic rushing through her in a surge of pure and untamed bliss. Never again will I doubt my power. she vowed silently. Reaching down she touched her belly gently, the perfect vessel for the elixir of life, as her mind wandered to the future and all the joy her new child would bring.

3.) I have often doubted myself in my working. I am most critical of myself but the more I create, and push myself to try the more I am presently surprised. I still get nervous after 11 years of reading the tarot when I do a reading for someone else. Believing in the process, divine guidance, and myself is one of the hardest things I have had to do.
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