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Margarete Petersen - two of swords (feathers)

I pulled this card for my boyfriend when he was in the midst of a tough decision and full of anger... I had a great difficulty with the translation. I like the image - two feathers floating across a full moon, the pinks and blues of clouds at sunrise -- or sunset, an interesting play of pink sun light, and purplish, bluish shadows, reflecting both the Crowley interpretation of this card -- as peace, and the RWS as suspension between two states.

Here is my attempted translation with the help of Leo online German dictionary.
  • Bring the stream of thoughts to peace. Through meditation, become aware of the inner dialogue. Discover how the chains of thought stick together, and congeal into automated thought patterns, doubts, broodings. For a moment, silence the churning thoughts, and feel the power between a fading old thought and a newly forming thought.

Here is a link to a large scan of the card at La Palma Galerie.

I don't notice much inthe way of hidden figures in the swriling mists, but given a bit more coffee, I might see an impish-devilish figure sufacing from the lower left hand corner, much more visible when reversed!

I like very much that the globe (earth? or the moon) has two distinct poles: the bottom is rather intensely heavy and dark, with intense pink highlight, contrasting strongly in the churning murk of shadows of the lower left hand corner (where I see the little spook); whereas the north pole seems very light and free.

I'll see if I can magify the little spook for you, it will be hilarious.

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