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21 Ways -- Llewelyn Tarot

Step ONE: Llewelyn Tarot, Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of pentacles shows a domestic scene in a medieval world. In the foreground, a young woman is giving a piece of fruit from the basket of fruit that she's holding to a young child sitting on the table in front of the young woman. There is a red pitcher on the table and a pentacle next to it. There are also two dogs, the brown one seems to have his eye on the food, the grey dog is looking away from us, perhaps watching the people in the background. Behind the woman is a person wearing a headdress, also facing away from us, so you cant see their face. There are two people standing by an open doorway, through which you can see greenery and the sky. There is also a youth riding a bay colored horse inside the area. Behind the two people at the doorway, you can see a flight of stairs leading somewhere. In the upper left hand corner, there are branches bearing fruit, perhaps apples. There is also a large tapestry in the upper right hand corner of the scene that has 9 pentacles on it.
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