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Okay, this is my Ancestor Tarot draws. I shuffled the cards well and am only doing the first line today.
Day 1: Draw one card from the major arcana and one from the court cards only, a card to represent the ancestor.

So, my two cards are: The Hermit and The Knight of Swords. So these two cards should represent an ancestor to me. The hermit could represent a number of things--someone who was in the priesthood/nunnery (I do have cousins like this from my maternal side), or just a person who lived alone and stayed very much to themselves. (had a few of these on both sides). Perhaps someone who was a wise person and could be a good advisor for me? I'm using the Robin Wood deck, and this Hermit is holding a lantern that is lighting up the area around him--so perhaps someone who can shed some light on things for me. The Knight of Swords in this deck is riding on a white winged horse, at a great swift gallop/flying in the air. His sword is drawn high, ready to strike! I always see this knight as someone who means well, but tends to act first and think later. Someone though who does have a good head on their shoulders over all, and isn't afraid to jump into situations that could be difficult.

So, right off the bat, it DOES sound a bit like my maternal aunt, who is in spirit. She did also come through in my recent psychic-card reading I had done for me by a woman. (This aunt ALWAYS comes through for me). Though she didn't come in as strong as usual in the reading, I can see these 2 cards as representing herself. So, could be her. Perhaps I'll find out more tomorrow with the next card draw....

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