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Originally Posted by smw View Post
Wang's Qabalistic Tarot covers both spheres and paths. I have recently bought it, though it was pricey. He does discuss the path of Nun as being the transformation of the many desires of (the personality/ego) Netzach, *killing them off I guess to go back up to Tipareth, the reverse of the lightening Flash. He calls it the flaming Sword which I guess is the Angel guarding the way back to Eden.
I honestly don't know why I don't have this book. Thanks smv.

I tend to look at where I am in my personal life in terms of the paths, I'm thinking now that you have mentioned it that a structured approach in addition might be helpful for linking up associations etc.
I have to say that in the last 24 hours the sh*t has really hit the fan, kinda making me wish I had taken a more lofty and detached approach myself. But this how I do things, it doesn't make much sense to me unless I am mucking it up on some level. . . But I would like to kill something about now.

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