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Originally Posted by isthmus nekoi
venicebard> Thanks for your detailed thoughts. I'm afraid however, that you may be misinterpreting the spirit of my posts. They are brainstorms, just bringing ideas to the table and are not meant to have any sort of authoratative tone.
I’ll take this as a ‘heads up’ in future. Listen, if I come on a bit authoritative at times, it’s only cuz this tome is like an old friend, and others’ interest in it excites me: forgive an ‘old’ man, who only attempts to feed in tidbits of information that might prove relevant to someone perusing this. You are free to ignore me all you want: others do.
All I am suggesting is that there were 10 qualities listed in 1:5 and that they could be associated w/the 10 sephira.
They are the 10 Sefirot (you must not have ‘read ahead’). Only one warning, though: the last two have been reversed in this list from their actual order as specified later this same chapter—perhaps to draw attention to the fundamental 9-10 polarity but certainly based on the interchangeability implied by the Bahir’s labeling 9 & 10 both Netzach (Victory or Endurance).

(Actually, my chief motivation is to demonstrate, for any who are interested, the alternative to the standard rabbinical interpretation juggling the order of Sefirot—such as the 2nd or ‘depth of the last’ establishing the time axis being equated with Malkut, 10th—and any debate on this topic is of course welcome.)
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