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Originally Posted by rainkins
Seconded. This deck focuses on the "materialism" aspect of the Devil by showing how we can become dependent on material things to the point that they can control us. Unlike many religions, paganism does not teach that physical things are "bad" or "impure" in and of themselves, but rather that we should embrace and enjoy material experience for what it has to offer and teach us, as long as we remain in control and do not allow ourselves to become dependent on "stuff."

I think Death wears a hood because the face of Death is unknown to all but those who have experienced it firsthand. Why Death wears a red hood is a great question. Why would red -- the color of vitality, blood, and passion -- be worn by a figure we perceive to take all those things away? It's certainly worth pondering. I think, among other things, the red hood is hinting that we know a good deal less about Death than we think we do!
Haha thats exactly what I was trying to spit out, nicely said.
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