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"neither noticing the other", blinded by their greed. If they weren't so blind, they could work together and get the tresure out.
"I saw a terribly familiar desperation in their eyes; the wanting and needing of the enslaved, held captive by their own greed" - i also like this sentence, it really gives a clear description of the feeling of the caracters in the card.
And... learned a new word: "whimpering"!! never seen this word before. I looked it up and it means to complain, to i was reading the post, had a vivid picture of some movie where Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis are in a mental hospital, and the patients were fighting and screaming for no reason. In the card there is a reason!! But, that reason made them crazy, like the patients in the movie.

I don't usually think about music when i read about tarot, but as i was reading your post i remembered the chorus from one music: "i want it all" from Queen.
Can't remember the whole lirics, but i think the title suits the card!
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