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In the Seven of Cups I see a man alone perhaps meditating, sleeping, daydreaming, reflecting. A red robe is draped over his heart and his first and second chakra (abdomen sexual organs, hips). He is enclosed in a mountainous area that looks covered in a blanket of beautiful green moss. It appears as if he is looking where 6 different cups are immersed in water. To his right (future) is a gold cup (holy grail), filled just right with a liquidy substance that at this point he doesn't see.

In the Druid Craft Tarot book for this card it states...
It is possible you are experiencing a time when you are feel seduced by a number of different ideas and possibilities, but are finding it hard to decide which way to proceed, or there may be a number of propositions in the air, but be cautious - they could well evaporate. By simply being patient and waiting, you will discover whether any of them are likely to be be lasting. It is also possible you have inadvertently slipped from exploring potential or visions to merely daydreaming. An activity that might have begun as goal planning or an exploration of the inner world may have become confusing, or simply a waste of your energy, plunging you into a world of illusion.
As I look at this card, my eyes are focussing on the 6 cups. If reading this card for you and me, I'd probably believe the 6 cups represent motivations, intentions as well as dreams, fears and desires. I'd probably ask 'of the 6 cups which ones have a greater meaning to you'. What cup(s) you choose could join the filled cup (Grail) placed on the right and bring out a talent you didn't even know you had.

The cups could represent our makeup or multiple personalities. If we can acknowlege and integrate all these aspects of the self we can move on to the 7th cup. 7 is about tests and tempations...they are part of our shadow. We need to see them for what they are but not get too caught up in them.
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