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Originally Posted by DJP View Post
Hi Minderwiz,

Chris Brennan looks great, thanks. I can't wait to check out the podcast properly.

Looking for someone with standing in the Astrology community is good advice, but it's a little difficult if, like me, you don't have much knowledge on the subject. That's why I really appreciate your suggestion.

Regarding Vedic: Actually, owing to the large Hindu population in my area, the local Sunday paper has a Vedic Astrology column.... I'll start paying attention.... while keeping in mind that newspaper astrology isn't always the gold standard.

Thanks again.
I think one of Chris Brennan's podcasts looks a the relationship of Vedic and Western Astrology both in terns of their common origins and their later differences; so you might find that one useful.

Yes, I take your point on getting to know who is reliable and who isn't. I began to take The Mountain Astrologer, magazine. It's one of the most respected Astrology publications and several issues begin to orient you to some of the key players. I also joined the Astrological Association of the UK. Again a reputable organisation and it provided another useful quarterly journal - have a look if there's something similar in RSA. Reading books on topics that interest you can lead to the discovery of new reliable sources. Brennan's podcasts often have guests including some of the most prestigious Astrologers, such as Rob Hand and Ben Dykes

But when you come across a podcast, just have a look to see if the originator has published any books, and is a member of any professional body. it's a good start to looking at credibility, though not a guarantee.

Good luck in your journey.
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