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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
Wow, thanks Ross. Do you happen to know if Kircher is the first known example of the paths illustrated on the Tree of Life? Does the Sefer Yetzirah itself illustrate them or describe them?
The Kircher pattern of paths is one of two described by Moses Cordovero in his 'Garden of Pomegranates' (the attribution of letters to paths however may be different). It is called the Tree of Emanation. The other described by Cordovero is that associated with Luria, and called the Tree of Return.

Kircher quoted several sections from the Garden of Pomegranates, albeit without stating his sources (we know he had a copy as there is a manuscript in the Vatican with Kircher's handwritten notes and annotations on it). However, his diagram, and the various trees and other diagrams, is adapted from that published in 1625 by Philippe d'Aquin.

There is of course no attribution of tarot Trumps to paths in Kircher, that isn't made until the 19th century.

Kircher used a different attribution of planets to sefiroth; those of the Golden Dawn however can be found in Agrippa, and go back to at least the 12th century. (Lurianic/Gra tradition follow a different set of attributions.)
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