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Originally Posted by tarotlyn
...and for a less expensive CORNER ROUNDER, I found this one for $19.99 on sale:

This is probably the one that would work well, and has 'two' options for the corners...
(not sure if that means 'two different sizes'...but it could email them)
See it here:

Check this video shows how this puppy works:

scroll down and click on arrow to start video.

This is the same place I am buying the 'glue dots' from...


ETA: is my lucky day for finding things!!! On that same site
(above link)) I found metallic ink pads with ink that works on PLASTIC...or Laminate!!!
It comes in gold, silver, or copper for $16.49. (I must try this process!)
(thanks cardlady22 for the 'metallic pad gilting' idea!)

This might work, so I am ordering it, along with my 'glue dots' from them...
It was only $5.05 for priority shipping for the metallic pad/ink, and glue dots...
so I might have these sooner than I thought I would!
I will come back later on and post the results here...
Hi tarotlyn, what is the name of the ink pads that you found that work on plastic? I found one brand on that site; is that the one?

Gilt edging outside of the laminate = perfect!

ETA: I found one: StazOn Solvent Ink Pads by Tsukineko. They are also available in Metallic: StazOn Metallic. Once you get the ink pad, you can buy refill ink too!
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