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xyron laminator best price

Hi friends,

I just ordered one of those Xyron 900 laminators and think I found a really good price on those, and especially on the rolls of laminate. Dick Blick's site online had them for $53, but they run specials of a % off your order all the time, so I got it for 20% off which came to $42. The 50 foot rolls of laminate were 19.99, but with the 20% off they came to $15.99 each! Plus free shipping. That is cheaper than Amazon and even cheaper than I can get them at Michaels with a 40% off coupon (and a drive to the store, and limited to one).

Yay! Getting closer to having a prototype of my deck in hand. I can't wait!

So, anyone who has used one of these cold laminators, is there a consensus on a good card stock weight or type to use to get a sturdy but flexible card? I've heard everything from 32lb to 110lb. I guess I could just experiment, but it would be better I think to have some idea going in.

Now I'm thinking about gilting. But it sounds like a lot of work and messy, so on the fence about that one!
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