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There are so many systems and systems within systems that are associated with the Tarot and that make it feel incredibly complex. An onlooker or a Tarot beginner would look at this and probably completely freak out with how much stuff they have to learn to be able to master the cards. (And perhaps this is why Tarot is portrayed in such complex ways – to deter the beginner?!)

I am a strong believer that when you’re starting out, start SIMPLE. Yes the Tarot can be linked in with spiritual systems like Kaballah and with astrology. But you can still read the cards without knowing all of this stuff. Like that guy said, Just Read The Card!

As you build your confidence or you have more space in your brain to take on new knowledge, then go exploring into all the wonderful complexities of the Tarot. It is amazing what’s in there and that is why we love the Tarot – because it is so inter-connected and complex. But don’t feel you have to get all this before you can start using the Tarot cards.
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