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Originally Posted by momentarylight View Post
An interesting article which some of you may have seen:

I have heard Dr. Irena Semetsky speak and lead her audience through a relationship reading she did with a client.

Even though she has a profound knowledge of symbolic language, the reading was simple and clear, something which shows Dr. Semetsky's gifts. I felt that her observations were enhanced by her extensive knowledge but she added nothing to the structure of the tarot itself. She used simple and clear language.

Mind you, I accept that symbolism can lead one into other fields, just like a recipe can be simple or exotic and complicated. A person can get as much sustenance from a simple salad as from a very elaborate one, though perhaps my metaphor might make some wince.

Thank you for the link you have given, had a quick look, but want to really give time to this as it looks very interesting. l have put it into my favourites on the pc. l will look forward to spending time having a good read.
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