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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
and what do you mean by rabbit hole?
hahahaha - almost took the bait, pesky little rabbit.

Which actually brings up a pretty interesting point. When I started getting into tarot, it definitely seemed like a rabbit hole. But that's because it's complexity was something I don't normally encounter. Go to work, small talk, sleep... our schools don't even offer this stuff! Everything is so black and white, and I blame it on the fact that English is our primary language. And here was a deck of cards filled to the brim of symbols that captured what we.. or I.. perceived as the grey area. And because I commit to understanding these (or try to at least), the grey becomes less grey. We can either go through life not knowing how to fully express ourselves and our experience OR we can understand that experience itself is pretty dang complex and understand how to express this ever elusive complexity.
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