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Originally Posted by geronimo View Post
Of course tarot doesn't need to be complex. I've considered cutting and pasting stuff on cards with ideas that speak to me more.. however.. the fun for me in tarot is the esoteric stuff, the forgotten symbols, the things we're collectively allowing to be reduced to nothing when it is just so so so rich and powerful. We live in a world where things are getting simpler and simpler and more specialized. I think it makes things like tarot even MORE important than it ever has been. Especially with us English speakers. Our language is just so dull and bland and deprived of rich meaning! So yeah... could you do readings with simpler images, hells yeah, you might even be better at it... but I think involving yourself in the complex has potential for you to grow and that for me is what makes tarot so fun. That's why Jung liked it.. tarot was/is such a lovely little mental tease.
I agree completely, except for what you said about English. It is a rich, beautiful language, my favorite since first grade (I've always spoken three languages) and I actually speak it by choice. While texting and internet-speak are perhaps widespread, literature and the beauty of the English language still exist and rise to ever-increasing heights. The ease through which the basics of English can be learned is part of its beauty, like Tarot, but you ultimately have to be a poet to write poetry. Damn, English is just so beautiful...

Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
<looks at reading> "Hmmmm ... perhaps if you could get the essence of your path journey - at this moment - traversing from Netzach to your retrograde Venus in the Empress reversed and shift in the nutritional sector ... with an offering (just dream it in your subconscious) to the howling dogs in your reversed Moon over here... you may find a way to track down your lost new cat."

Querant; "Pardon?"

"Put out kitty's din-dins, he will get hungry and eventually come home."
That actually is how I read, only I don't say the first part out loud. The causes leading up to events are always complicated, but their outcome usually isn't. Still, every magic trick is dull and banal when exposed, and even dealing with occult minutiae can seem silly when put into that context. But that's where "intuition" comes in, not as a quick, biased judgement but more like "controlled intuition." Venus doesn't mean Kitty's din-din, but in that place at that time, that's the only thing it can mean. I also believe it is important to translate whatever theoretically spiritual thing you're doing into real terms, especially magick, otherwise you're left with superstition and barren ritual. Doing one's daily sage burnings and affirmations is well and good and makes you feel good, but if you don't make conscious attempts to use that to your advantage, then there's not much point. Same with Tarot; you can do all the soul searching you want and get great readings, but if your husband beats you on a daily basis and you make no attempt to change the situation, all that spiritual development may not be going anywhere.

So, you know, whoever says esoteric studies rule out the emotional or intuitive aspect... well, that's completely wrong, and mighty cold.
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