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Originally Posted by Spectre Made Flesh View Post
I believe that traditional ordinary playing cards were used for fortune telling before Tarot cards were used for that purpose. So, if we accept that Tarot wasn't originally used for fortune telling (as LRichard said), and that applying the Qabalah etc. to give meanings to Tarot was something added much later, then perhaps one could argue that the 'proper' way to read cards is the way people originally did it, by numerology and suit meanings, and everything else - whether the Qabalah or intuition - is just an irrelevance tacked on later by people with their own agenda?
I disagree in the context of the way I use them as it isnt just for a card playing game or fortune telling (although I have played with both) ... I can use it as a Book of Knowledge that makes a fine framework to hold many of the essential teachings of the Western (and by extension others as well) Mystery or Wisdom Tradition and a valid map of the Psyche and the Soul of the World.

How did it come to be that? Times changed and people saw relevant ways of using the tarots basic map and structure ( in a similar way that some plant alchemy turned into modern medicines).

But further, how did the original pattern get there in the first place? Even as a game of cards; why 4 suits, some courts, a base ten system, even in the first place and the Majors added.

A card deck is one expression of patterns and rules in number and extracted from nature and ourselves, even our physiology perhaps *.

So the question is NOT whether tarot has become more complex than it WAS, but more complex then "it needs to be". SO we circle back again to ... that depends on the person and the usage.

* eg. even in the hands; left and right for active and passive - 2, four fingers each hand, 10 digits, 3 joints on each of the 4 fingers = 12 (showing the usual divisions of astrology ; signs, elements and modes. The duality and the 3 / 4 pattern is also seen in the mechanics of human vision and other things. It is also reflected in Tarot and the Kabbalah, Tree of Life, etc.

I wonder where you think " numerology and suit meanings, and everything else " originated ?
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