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Originally Posted by dancing_moon View Post
Personally, I don't see how I can 'just read the cards' and at the same time 'just say what I think the card means'. If a card depicts 6 large Cups, and I don't think it means 6 actual cups, then I'm reading it as a symbol for something else. And from there I have two ways to go:

1. I just utter something that comes to mind in relation with the card. This way, the meaning of the card would change from a reading to a reading. I can actually get good results using this method if I'm a psychic. However, it's also easy to color my reading with my personal bugs, frustrations, assumptions and past experiences.

2. I use some preset system of correspondences between the cards (symbols) and actual meanings. It can be a keyword/phrase for each card ('nostalgy', 'the past', 'sweet memories') or a more complex system involving numerology, Kabbalah, Elemental Dignities, etc. The complexity of that system will depend on the reader, and how much of that system is actually revealed to the sitter during a reading again depends on the reader and the sitter. If you're exchanging readings with a fellow reader, you might want to tell them and hear from them many more details about the actual process of interpretation, whereas a 'civilian' sitter is usually only interested in your final conclusions, and often in very plain terms.

I think in most cases I use both ways to a greater or lesser extent. Does it make it more complex than it needs to be? Maybe. And so much more fascinating, too.
I think I do something similar. It's hard to tell sometimes because I mostly read for myself these days, though I've been wanting to read more for others again. I think when there's another person involved in the reading it changes the dynamic of it, at least for me. I can feel their energy feeding into the process, so the way I read may vary depending on who the person is and how they interact with the cards. Or I may have the same processes running in the background but the way I translate the information might be different. What I say to myself isn't necessarily what I would say to others, because there are so many different ways of understanding
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