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2017 Samhain Deck of the Bastard

(( Please check in Advertisements for a bit of magic that I'm casting to coincide with the release of this deck. It's got a LOT of magic going on....the deck isn't ready yet but there's a mysterious offer I'm listing in Adverts that you might want to check out.....that's all the clues I'm gonna give ya....))

First of all.....this is my favorite Samhain deck ever, even more than the Red Deck. Because of this, I'm going to make this one a FIVE YEAR limited edition.

IT IS NOT AVAILABLE YET! I HAVEN'T FINISHED.....that's why I'm putting this here instead of adverts.

So....does anyone here still remember the first Samhain deck I did? I did something specifically for you guys here in AT - I put a different treat card in with each deck. People seemed to like I'm doing it again this year.

It's going to be available in Tarot size & Large size & also have an accompanying Treat DECK if you would like to get all the treat cards (79 in all).

It's going to be available within the next month or two (earlier than last year!) so I'm kinda letting people know early. Attaching some pix I took last night - it will be available with KEYWORDS or without.

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