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Originally Posted by Essjay View Post
I love these too - the backs are the most beautiful you have done for a Samhain deck in my modest opinion. Am excited to get a copy!

ETA: will there be a matching zippered pouch for this please?
I made some special matching pouches just for these decks! =)

I just sent out the pre-order stuff to my shops, so that they'll have their decks on hand in time for the Samhain season, too.

Around the beginning of next month I'll be sending out emails & putting these on my website and Etsy.

Remember, I'm giving away a FREE DECK if you're interested....right now, I have some "magic spells" (coupon codes) to enter, & as the weeks pass I'll share more ways to enter. Like, solving a magical mystery or something. I wanted to get the magic spells out there because people are always asking when I'm going to have a sale on decks so, here's a pretty big sale.

And the Treat cards for this deck - I love them so much more than the first edition. I really do. For these crystal ball pix using the TREAT cards, I literally just slipped the card behind my crystal ball....I know it's kind of corny but I thought it was a hoot.
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