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This Warrior a warrior both of the spiritual & the earthly realms, possessed of an inner strength that comes from the wisdom of experience & years. Strength not of brawn nor might, but of an understanding of consequences; of action & reaction. Thus, any move made or action taken of a studied approach.

A true warrior need not show her hand too soon, for being too quick on the draw or subject to impulsiveness not borne of prudence nor wisdom. May render one vulnerable for lack of attention to "a blind spot". Thus, this warrior knows how to bide her time; to see if action actually necessary or other means of the more diplomatic may be employed first.

At times & depending on circumstance, she may proceed as a hunter stalking her prey. She moves silently & swiftly with an economy of motion that speaks of knowledge & skill. Once she heads into action/battle, no holds barred as she brings her entire being to bear. Woe to any who may not meet her equally.

One of few words, the strength is also in knowing whence to keep silent; to hold one's own counsel & not reveal the thoughts. She expresses what she means, & means that expressed with every atom of her being.

Within her stillness she communes with the forces of nature & seeks balance. The creatures of the woods & the fields know her & accept her, for she communes in like manner & observes the natural law.
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