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I am unsure about this card. I would like to think that she is bringing me a little light, some healing energy or the end to a problem, but there is something a little mischievous about her; something I don't completely trust at the moment. Is this something about me and my unwillingless to let people in at this moment of my life? Is she telling me that I should trust somebody that I don't right now? Is she telling me to be a little more lighthearted than I am right now and to relax into things and not worry? Is she sugesting I enjoy myself a little bit more and stop agonising over things that may never happen?

To me, this faery seems slightly trapped and and I wonder if she is telling me that it is only me that can make the first move to free myself from any worries? She offers me hope and light and it is up to me to take it.

I shall go and read everybody elses responses now.

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