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The Empress card is a very fertile looking card - A serene looking youngish Empress sits on a large throne holding a child on her lap but also looks pregnant. The child is happy and smiling, playing some kind of harp, while the rabbits play at the feet of the Empress. Angels also play above the Empress and the child, cherubs hold fruit bowers.

I like this card - its lovely and somehow tranquil to look at, even with so much happening on it. The Empress has a sense of authority - but her gentle and loving nature comes through.

I usually get this card in readings when I've been working too hard and my family is coming second place - it acts as a reminder card for me.

This is the card that I look for in a deck, if I don't like the Empress then its usually a deck I can't work with.

I like this card - it holds all the symbolism I usually look for in an Empress card and I think this one is perfect.
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