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Phantasmagoric Theater - Ace of Coins

Graham's booklet says: "Featuring a coin embedded in the earth, this card represents the highest form of skill and talent. Earth is an element that symbolizes opportunity. We feel a sense of stability as we begin to benefit financially and materially from our work.
Divinitory meaning: The Ace of Coins represents a solid foundation.
Reverse Meaning: Possessiveness, hoarding of wealth, fear of letting go."

I can't think of the word for using pictures to represent words (you know, like having a picture of two halves of a bone to represent Bonaparte), but it struck me that this card shows Earth Coin Village.
I didn't know what to think about the brick- if that's what it is- embedded in the grass, but when I read Graham's mention of a sense of stabiltiy it reminded me of the weights that they put on tires in order to stabalize them. Why is it floating? Is there "money in the air" waiting to be seized? It's shadow is directly underneath, so the Sun is overhead shining down it's abundance. This coin seems an earthly mirror of it, shining down on this humble abode and giving the inhabitants something tangible to reach for.
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