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Originally Posted by lark View Post
This deck:
Universal Wisdom
First here is another pump 'em out deck...he/she creates a lot of decks.
Second too much religious symbolism for my tastes.

I have no idea where this deck came from...I don't remember buying it.
I don't think it came in a trade...and when I was baby sitting, my granddaughter used to spread these cards all over the floor.
Consequently one is missing, I counted them the other day.
They don't even stay with my other cards...they live on a shelf in a toy cupboard, next to a squeaky turtle and a magic baby orange juice bottle.
I pay this deck no mind, I have no interest in it, I forget about it for months at a time.

BUT....every time I do pull it out and do a reading with it it gives the most direct, exact, accurate answers.
And this really frustrates me...
For 2 reasons...
I'd like to just get rid of it, but I can't because it is too spookily accurate.
And 2 then why don't I like it!!!!
I mean come on... there are some absolutely beautiful oracle decks in my collection why can't it be one of those that are so accurate????
Instead some of them read like the Japanese directions for you cell phone.

So I go back and forth and forth and back with it...
Same experience you have, lark but with the Oracle of Shadows and Light

I don't remember WHY I bought it... I am not into the art and not a fan of the illustrator BUT I remember seeing it in action on youtube and I thought I could give it a try. Every time I use it (which is not often), it is SUPER accurate. And I won't give it away because it cost me some hard-earned money and it has been quite precise in its predictions so, giving it the benefit of the doubt.
Now, stranger than that is my experience with the Wisdom of the Oracle cards. LOVE the art and "tried" it many times on the daily draw (site) with amazing revelations. Once I finally had the cards in my hands, it is slowly falling flat.... Wondering what happened
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