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The card of the Tower opens against a black canvas of the night sky, as a lightening bolt strikes an obelisk of falsehood, thus casting illusions to the ground. In front of the Tower laying on the ground, we find a green djed which represents the backbone of Osiris. The green color suggests the possiblity of resurrection. The dove of Isis circles the destruction as it is occurring.

The solar eye, or Udjat eye, also known as the eye of Horus, can be seen near the top of the tower. This eye recalls the power struggle which ensued upon Osiris' death. Set, brother of Osiris, and Horus, son of Osiris, both claimed possession of the throne. Even though a court of the gods decided that Horus was the rightful heir, Set and Horus fought a battle in which Horus lost an eye. (Set lost something too, but I am not one to gossip!) The eye of Horus was later found and restored by Thoth. Horus then presented the eye to Osiris, which represented the restoration of royal power.

Likewise, we see the defaced images of royal figures on the Tower. This brings to mind the Egyptian pharoah Akhenaton, who ruled Egypt from 1380-1362 BC. Within 6 years of taking the throne, Akhenaton instituted his own religion combining all Egyptian gods into one, named Aton. During Akhenaton's reign, he defaced the names and images of Amon (Trump IV) and his consort Mut, throughout all of Egypt. Some claim Akhenaton's actions constituted the first documented example of monotheism. Akhenaton was succeeded by Tutankhamen, who restored the Egyptian religion and then defaced Akhenaton's images.

To me, this sums up the entire meaning of this card. The eye of Horus is concerned with restoration of power, as are the defaced images. The Tower asks, to whom, or what, do we give power and honor?

Do we honor the illusive Towers we have built for our ourselves? If so, we will be as the priests on the ground, running away as fast as we can, never to look back and finally see our illusions for what they really are. In this, we will fall for the same illusion again and again, until we finally break it. The dark skies become a very, very long night in this case.

Or, do we follow the dove & honor the lightening bolt of truth as the light-bringer, which shatters our illusions, thus freeing us from them? If we make this choice, the dark skies will end quickly, being right before the dawn.

My only question concerning this card, is what does the mouth on the Tower represent to you? Clive Barrett says it represents "the entrance to the Underworld," which relates to the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony performed on the ancient Egyptian dead.

For me, the mouth represents the illusion or falsehood itself, saying "Uh oh!"
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