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XVI Tower

Just out of interest I looked though the few books I have on Egyptian history and mythology to see whether the concept of Tower by chance appeared anywhere but I couldnít find anything, and then I remembered that Barrett is making a Tarot from Egyptian mythology not the other way around. I was able to see that the Egyptians were good at scrambling the images of their predecessors. Now that is a very old political strategy isnít it?

I guess anyone who build a Tower in the Egypt of the Osirian period would be setting himself up for a fall. With that srtoke of lightning, it is almost as the Gods themselves are destroying the Tower.

I really like your question To whom and to what do we give power and honour? It is a new twist for me on the Tower. Power for me has almost always been something we lose. Or we give it away, which is not the same as honouring.

Sometimes we need to have the Tower collapse, everything around us collapse so that we can discover the power within. It is because we lack that power that we construct a false edifice to protect us or to hide behind.

This scene is really gloomy and frightening. Something to do with the smoking pyramid and the black sky beyond. The eye and mouth of Horus almost look brassy, a quirky aspect of the destruction.

Tower is my shadow card so I am quite familiar with it, but not this one. I have never drawn the Tower in this deck. which does give me pretty accurate readings most of the time. I love the image of Isis floating around as if to say that she is there to be called upon if necessary
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