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Greetings all ~

This group is proving so useful to me.

Thank you Jewel_ry for pointing out that the Tower is an obelisk not a tower. I looked through the rest of the deck and can see that the Devil card also has an obelisk.

I noticed this morning when doing the Sun card that the primaeval mound is present throughout the deck, It's on the Fool card, the Lovers card and the Sun card as well. The Sun itself is another constant theme and I keep seeing little symbols of the major gods in the Major cards but also in the minors.

The Eye of Horus is another common theme and appears also on the obelisk in the Devil card. I could not see the mouth any where else, SweetIsTheTruth, and I can't really answer your question about what it means to me. It looks almost as though Horus is smiling at the devastation being caused by the Tower strike.

It was only this morning that I was able to see the vague outline of something in the cosmic egg on the Fool card. so evidently, the process of revelation is a slow one for me .
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