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Ruby, my touchstone to the physical world is through the perception of the visible--it is why I have chased the image through fine art photography for over 50 years. The capture of a small but emblematic element of a larger scene--taking a slice of four dimensional reality and crystallizing it in two dimensions is magical. Hence, my core appreciation for the imagery of the Tarot...

From the Platonic line, I very much think that the Allegory of the Cave applies wholly to the archetypes and motifs of the cards. Through them, we have an opportunity to "think" or see beyond the shadows cast in our minds. A chance to reckon outside of things obscured by bias--and to see truths and possibilities for what they are--instead of what we wish them to be.

As an aside, it was not bravery that made good my escape from academia--it was my disgust for the multiple levels of politics--departmental, university, and public engagement. It was with the naivety of The Fool that I decamped. Be careful of what one asks for. Instead of relief, my 'reward' was 15 years deciphering and administrating various bureaucracies...

The cards DID NOT see that coming!
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