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Originally Posted by Nalini View Post

Ummm...not sure if this is the correct place to put up my Horary question and if I'm doing it the right way. So, read a few previous posts by others and formed an idea plus looking at last activity (post) a week back perhaps I'm not too off the mark.

My question: When will I get married and have children?

Time of question: 08:48 AM

Date of question: Friday, April 27, 2012

Place of question: Kolkata, India

Latitude & Longitude: 2234′10.92″N / 8822′10.92″E

Link to chart: http://i45.*******.com/6prb54.gif

Chart date & time: Friday, April 27, 2012 at 08:40 AM

Don't know much about astrology (that's a huge understatement) but isn't 7th House the one for marriage in Western astrology?

P.S. I understand that Morinus chart is a better option to post here but also that it runs on Linux (which I don't have). Really hope that it will not be a problem.
I didn't have my Astrology software with me when I posted earlier but trying this chart I have two issues. The first is that the 08:40 Chart has 1*Ca36' 37" rising and the chart that you have linked to has 23Cp21 rising. Now it looks like this is linked to your birth chart in some way. A Horary chart is a stand alone chart for the time that you understood the question you were asking.

If I read your post correctly you cast the chart of 08:40 and asked the question at 08:48, which is the wrong way round - question first (in it's final version) and then cast the chart.

Now it could well be that the 08:40 isa mistype and you meant to type 08:48. However before I can go any further I need you to confirm that you did indeed ask the question at 08:48 AM and if that's the case I'll do a reading based on it. Can I suggest yo add a time limit to the question, as mentioned above.

I don't normally ask for a natal chart as the two are not connected but in this case it might help, as I can also make an assessment based on the natal chart as well. Is the birth date given in the linked chart correct?

PS yes the seventh House is the house used for marriage (as well as all forms of partnership)
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