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Thanks so much for taking a look at my question and chart.

To get to the points you mentioned:

In there were quite a few options of getting a chart done and I was very confused about which one to opt for because of my inexperience.

Indeed I did the chart first and then posted the question, sorry didn't know that it should be other way around. So, it is 08:48 AM

As for the time limit can we take November 2012 - December 2013 or is it too long a time frame?

Yes it is, date: 27.09.1972, time: 13:30 hrs, place: lat/long: 2234′10.92″N / 8822′10.92″E

I'm glad that you will be checking out my natal chart, because there are a few things that I intend to request for you to look at if it's not a problem (in a different thread). Sorry that the chart which I provided is perhaps not of much use (really wanted to cause you less trouble). Will try to download Morinus as soon as possible, but probably as don't have any understanding of astrology except for what is told to me don't think would be able to figure out anything from one generated. :-/

P.S. Thanks, in vedic astrology if I'm not wrong marriage, children etc., is related to Jupiter, which seems to be a problem for me but that's for later.
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